If you have questions about potential funding opportunities at the downtown campus offers or would like to discuss your work with other faculty across the campus, please join Associate Vice Chancellor Bob Damrauer and Assistant Vice Chancellor Michael Jenson at one of our Fall 2015 faculty “drop in” sessions.  These meetings are held on a monthly basis (LSC 300) for faculty to chat about their work, understand possible ORS support, and make connections with faculty in other colleges.  Sessions will begin at noon so feel free to bring a lunch!  Fall 15 scheduled dates are:

TUESDAY 09.22.15

MONDAY 10.19.15

FRIDAY 11.20.15 



The CRC would like to welcome the UCDenver downtown faculty back to the campus for the 2015-16 academic year! Hopefully all had a good summer! Please be sure to check back for news and upcoming fall 15 events!